Blessing Jacobs is an Anglican Catholic Priest. A commissioned Officer of the United States Army, currently serving as the Brigade Chaplain for 3rd Brigade (CM) 102nd TNG Division (MS) located at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. He resides in Fall  River MA. Fr. Blessing Jacobs has a passion to bring the message of Shalom to the broken hearted, the afflicted, and God’s image bearers. He has two children Blessing (14) and Levi (12). His children mean more than the world to him. He attended North Point College, and Gordon Con-well Theological seminary. His studies also took him to Yale and Harvard in preparation for the ministry God has called him to do. He is a Biblical scholar (although he sees himself as still student of the word) but people who attend his Bible fellowship or listen to him preach are mesmerized by the depth of his knowledge of God’s word. Blessing spent about a decade in the New age Movement before the Lord arrested him for good. He talks about how he was minding his own business and how he hated pastoral ministry with a passion when God stepped into his life and turned his world upside down. He even made mockery of those who were training to be pastors. In one occasion he said ” I thought that those guys were crazy; going to Bible college for four years?” He sees himself as insane since he has spent over ten years in different ministerial schools. Fr. Blessing Jacobs was the Vicar at Saint Michael’s Anglican Church, New Haven CT. He is currently the Presbyter at Church of the Apostles in Coventry RI. In addition to his pastoral ministry at The Apostles, he is also a chaplain at Beacon Hospice, Fall River,  MA. He likes to be challenged and encourages people to ask tough questions and speak their minds about the social issues he raises. He is an anointed servant of God, who views all people irrespective of their orientation, gender, race, or status as God’s image bearers and ought to be treated as such. Fr. Jacobs could be reached at

God bless you as you invest your time in this blog.

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