The National Lockdown

Jesus said that the poor will always be with us but does that mean we should do nothing about poverty?


I have a passion for social justice and seeing God’s sovereign rule established over people’s lives their religious affiliation, sexual orientation or racial background not withstanding. This means to feed the poor, be a voice for the disenfranchised and the outcasts, to seek the peace of all. I have also discovered, that while this passion burns within me, it is impossible to completely eradicate poverty or correct all social injustices in our world. However, the first step in addressing these social issues is to acknowledge their existence and to do something about it. The unwise thing to do is to refuse to act because of the enormous nature of the problem. This in my judgment is where the Republican Party leaders miss the point. While, I don’t agree with some of President Obama’s Policies and stance on social issues; and did not vote for him, I believe that his Affordable healthcare act bill though problematic is an indication that he recognizes that healthcare is a huge problem for our country and a step toward addressing it. The fact his predecessors did nothing about the healthcare dilemma could be attestation that they have no solution to the problem. No leader will be able to resolve the problem of healthcare not even the Republicans. I am dubious of the Republican party’s demand for the Healthcare plan to be delayed for another year because I believe that they have no intention to work with president on improving this healthcare bill but a mere ploy to buy time to repeal it. The president’s refusal to address the debt ceiling issue is an example of poor partisan politics that fails to recognize the danger the country faces for failing to act simply because the request came from the opposing party. The stalemate is irresponsible and shows how narcissistic both  parties involved are. The lock down in unnecessary, and the President ought to take leadership and do what is right for the country.


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