Infant baptism; should we have them?

I think that to be able to respond to this question sincerely, one’s denominational affiliation and understanding of baptism have to be considered. But I must start off by saying that the Bible does not in anywhere prohibit infant baptism or stipulate that only adults ought to be baptized. If Baptism is just the outward sign of belief in Christ Jesus as Lord and savior, then infants baptism will not be a possibility since infants on their own cannot profess faith or belief in Christ. However, if baptism represents our union with Jesus in His death, burial and resurrections, then Jesus’ death is for both the infants and adult. If baptism is symbolic of our birth into God’s family, forgiveness of sins, and our new life in the Holy Spirit, that comes through faith in Jesus Christ, then infants ought not to be baptized, because they cannot profess faith in Christ.
    One will argue that with reference to adult baptism, baptism would follow faith or belief in Christ. However, if one views baptism as that which emanates from the ancient Jewish tradition of circumcision, then infants ought to be included in the external expression of faith, since the baptism of an infant is his or her entry point into the covenant community of the family of God’s people-the church. For the denomination that practices infant baptism, the only one reason why infants are baptized is that the parents of the child has accepted the Lordship of Jesus Christ as head of their household. By the virtue of their acceptance of the Lordship of Jesus, such families have now entered into a new covenant relationship with God into which their children will now inhabit until they become of age to make a recommitment of their lives to Christ by way of confirmation of the baptism that was administered to them in their infant years.
    Baptism does not cleanse sin. It does not assure salvation either. It is just part of belonging or identifying with the family of God’s people. Ishmael was circumcised, yet it was not through him that the Child of promise came. Ishmael and his offspring can only be part of the promise by their faith in Christ and not by the virtue of  their circumcision.
    There are no overt mention of infant baptism in the NT, but there is a possibility of children being included in the baptized household referenced in Acts 16:15, 33; 18:8; and 1Corinthinas 1:16. To buttress the point that infants ought to be baptized, one has to consider such passages as 1Cor 7:14; and Mk 10:13-16. As a minister in the Anglican tradition, I am arguing that infants ought to be baptized at the behest of their parents, if the parents are born again believers and Church members in good standing.
What do you think? I need responses. Hundreds of people do view my post, can you imagine how blessed we would be if everyone one of the viewers shared their opinions? I encourage you to respond and if you have questions or something personal you like to share, please feel free to contact me.


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