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   A tribute to my sons: Blessing and Levi Jacobs

I am 8th of nine siblings and my father’s pride. My father was not the type that exerted physical disciplinary measures when disciplining his children, but my mom was, as I was told (mom died when I was about 7yo). The truth is that I was never this virtuous Christian kid.

My way of life as teenager was not quite attractive for someone who would one day become a priest. But my father deeply loved me, and somehow, I got away with lots of stuff. I lived a very innocuous but pretty heavy lifestyle that was in no way reflective of Christian values, but that was the “in thing” for youths my age at that time, and I loved every bit of it. After high school, I moved into the city to pursue a business career and visited home occasionally.

My dad took ill and that made my visits more frequent. I remember during one of my visits, we were having this discussion about my career, and my father said to me, ‘in anything you do, do not take what does not belong to you” In other words, do not steal. I still remember that fatherly admonition as if it was yesterday. And I never disappointed my father.

When I had my own children, I passed on this value. I was very nervous one day at a grocery store when my son Levi was searching under confectionery stands and inside the grocery store. I asked him what he was doing, he said he was looking for money that shoppers inadvertently dropped because he was told by an adult, who has frequent access to him, that it is okay to take monies that shoppers inadvertently dropped.

According to him, the same person that instructed him to do this, said he made over a thousand dollars the previous year from “taking” monies that shoppers inadvertently dropped. That presented a teaching moment for us when we got home. I had a stern talk with him and his brother, and helped them to see that it is not right to take other people’s stuff. I told them that “taking” what belongs to someone else is stealing. I then gave them the same admonition that my father gave me over two decades ago:” In all you do, do not take what doesn’t belong to you.” In other words, do not steal.

Just last week we were at the swimming pool, (I was not swimming that day), and there was this gentleman that had finished swimming, and was enjoying the sun in one of the pool chairs. This man left before us. However, he forgot his wallet containing money and other personal items.  Levi was the one who saw it. He brought it my attention and I told him to take the wallet to the leasing office.

He ran quickly to the office and handed over the wallet to the office staff. On our way back to the house, this man was racing back to the pool to retrieve his wallet, and my son Levi recognized him and directed him to go the office and retrieve his wallet.  I was so elated that he did not discard my admonition to not take what does not belong to him. I commended him and his brother for such virtuous deed, and felt it was worth sharing with you. This man retrieved his wallet from the office and gave Levi and his brother Blessing couple of dollars each.

Isn’t God good?


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