Branding: A clarion call for people with shortage of ideas!

Congresswoman Omar and her likeminded colleagues have the tendency to brand anyone who calls them out for their farfetched and twisted ideologies. Omar hates this country and it is very glaring in her comments. This is a country that took her in and gave her the unprecedented privilege of being a law maker- a thing that she could never have achieved in her native land, Somalia. Instead of being grateful for America’s generosity toward her, and use the platform she has to join the fight against injustice that plagues her country of birth, she uses every opportunity she has to disparage this country. This is a country that gave her freedom and all the successes she is enjoying today.

After a well-received state of the union address by the President, Omar brands the President’s call to fix the outdated immigration laws as “Fascist idea.” The President called her out for the hate she spews on this country, the Congresswoman calls him a “Fascist.” Omar believes that the 911 was perpetrated by Americans on fellow Americans: “some people did something,” were her words. How can you have the worst instincts about America, and still live in the same country? If Omar, strongly believes that this country is as bad as she believes, I am sure that Somalia will be pleased to have her back. She should leave, and do so immediately! America is not perfect, but there is no other country like it on the planet.

The President’s remark is about ideology and patriotism not about race. I am as black as you can get, yet I don’t see America the way Omar does. Does racism exist? The answer is yes. But so do other human vices. The focus should not be on race, but a collective fight for equal plain field for all; and America is the leading country in creating equal plain field for all. We have not arrived as of yet, but significant progress has been made. The last I checked, we just had a black President. I am tired and sick of this race rhetoric.

A better part of my professional career has been on listening, analyzing other people’s speeches, reading people, and their patterns. Omar hates America! She has no business being a law maker. If Omar is the best that Minnesota can give to the congress, then they should probably consider not having representation in the Congress.

The people who chanted “send her back” (the right chant should have been “leave if you don’t like the country,” because the President does not have the authority to send a US citizens back for exercising free speech), also have the same freedom of speech as Omar. Which country on earth can you find people removing the flag of the very country and replacing it with a Mexican flag? Yet, this country, according to Omar and her three twisted friends is evil. If I hated this country as Omar and her friends do, I would leave and go back to Nigeria (that is, if Uncle Sam lets me).


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