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Today, the Anglican Catholic Church celebrated the feast of Christ the King, and the Gospel reading was from the 18th chapter of the gospel according to John beginning at the 33rd verse. This pericope records the discourse that occurred between Pilate and King Jesus. The Jewish religious leaders and the High Priest deliver Jesus over to Pilate to be crucified. Pilate asks Jesus if he is indeed the king of the Jews. Jesus asks Pilate: how did you come up with this? Was it your idea or did others tell you this about me? Pilate says to Jesus, am I a Jew? Your folks handed you over to me, what do you have to say? Jesus says to Pilate, my kingdom is not of this world, if it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews, but my kingdom is not of this world. Pilate said, so then you are a king? Jesus affirms Pilate’s confession, and then goes on to say that it was for that reason that he was born, to bear witness to the truth, and concludes by saying that everyone who is of the truth hears his voice. Then Pilate asks Jesus, what is truth?

I have spent a better part of my adult life in different institutions studying the word of God. With what is going on around the world today, especially within the Church, it is hard to believe that this was the same faith that was handed over to us by Jesus’ early disciples. There is this systemic anxiety within the church to maintain status quo and to offer lips and eye services to her members. The church continues to fail to teach and practice the unadulterated truth of the kingdom of God. This is a reflection of the world that we live in today.

We live in a country that has developed a culture of contempt for morality and adulation of evil. A culture characterized by anti-norms, pro feministic and socialistic ideologies that try to subvert biblical views on equality of men and women as God’s image bearers. A culture that has misinterpreted God’s decided inclination toward the poor, the lost, and the worst of them all, and has made it all about racial injustice, and enabling a caste of minority, and the disenfranchised in direct opposition to Martin Luther’s dream of equal plain field for both races. Martin Luther Jr., never intended for the black folks to be viewed as inferior or less privileged and needing welfare services. He wanted equal opportunity for all. The Democrats over the years have utilized civil rights rhetoric to pander to the black folks, and casting conservatives as unsympathetic to the plight of the African American community. Now that a significant stride has been made on civil rights and inequality, the Democrats have ran out of ideas. They now resort to branding conservatives as racists. What is truth? Truth can only be found through enlightenment and in the person of Jesus Christ!




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