Choice greetings in the name of the risen Lord. Amen! I am thrilled that you are visiting my blog today. I have developed this blog to allow a healthy dialogue on current issues that affect us a people regardless of religious affiliation. This blog will discuss issues pertaining to religion, social justice, political issues, and spirituality.
You may ask why spirituality and religion are separate topics. The reason is that many people think that religion is the same as spirituality but they are not. When religion is mentioned, many perceive that to be institutionalized/ organized religion like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism etc. The fact of the matter is that religion does not necessarily have to be in the form of organized practice of a particular faith tradition. It may interest you to know that everybody has a religion but not all religions are expressed in the form of organized faith tradition. Paul Tillich, intimates that Religion is that which concerns people ultimately.Something that gives people the understanding of who they are. If this is the case, we all have something that concerns us ultimately. It could be family, work, fame, friends, wealth etc. So we all have religion. Please if you disagree with my posts be respectful of others and not make derogatory remarks but be kind enough to respectfully state your reasons for disagreement.

God’s Best Wishes!
Fr. Jacobs


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